To go far, go together.

I've worked in digital media and advertising for awhile, at the sort of companies that get funded by venture capital and (hopefully) bought by a bigger company so that the founders make money. It's high risk, with a very long-shot chance of high reward.

Sure, it's exciting and the ping pong tables are great, but the vast majority of work is done by staring at a computer screen. ("We can confirm this," say my neck & shoulders.)

This is part of why I love meeting and working with local business owners. They're actively joining and building local communities. They're making eye contact and shaking hands and learning faces. It's so very human.

These entrepreneurs also take a bunch of risk. Equipment, storefront leases, and much more cost cash, and most business owners do it with a loan. The ultimate bet on oneself. And a big bet that their community is a healthy place for a business.

With Potlukk, we want to help make starting a business an even safer bet for founders. They deserve it, and the communities they're in will benefit.

We know that surviving as a small business is challenging. For one, it's hard to get customers.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram promise reaching highly-targeted audiences that might just love what you do. And, they do do that.

But the ability to reach people without paying to advertise is declining significantly. That's happened on Facebook and is beginning to happen on Instagram. What was once free traffic is now pay-to-play.

Advertising on those platforms is surprisingly complex. You need to figure out a message, target an audience, TEST different images and videos to see what works best, use videos if you can since they perform better (see point #6 in this piece), and, SIGH, figure out if it worked, then do it all again. Weekly or monthly.

It takes a lot of time. A few hours per month, easily.

And it's literally getting way more expensive (summary: 136%+ cost rise in 6 months last year). One reason it gets more expensive is that larger companies can drive up ad prices with their large budgets.

This brings us to Potlukk, and how we are helping.

Potlukk saves a small business owner time and money.

1) Saving Money. We group-buy ads featuring only local businesses, so our video ads will feature a handful of businesses in a certain area that want to reach a similar customer. For example, our pilot partners own businesses like boutique fitness studios, acupuncture clinics, and more. So we group them in a Health & Wellness theme.

For every dollar you spend on an ad through Potlukk, we'll spend $2 buying the ad on Facebook & Instagram. You double your ad dollar, and since our video "watch rates" and other metrics are excellent, you're definitely getting that bang for your buck. (We'll post about data very soon.)

2) Saving Time. Joining Potlukk literally takes less than three minutes. We import photos (and soon, videos) from your social feeds and you pick a few favorites. We then use that to generate video and image ads that we run for you, featuring you and other businesses in your Theme.

Our ad campaigns look beautiful. We're regularly adding more. And we do several more things that would take you a long time:

  • We sequence ads. In short, we run a video you're featured in, later we run an image ad, then another video ad, and so on. The format and content change regularly to stay fresh.
  • We make a lot of ads. Different ad styles run regularly, with no additional effort from you.

As a small business owner, you need to be advertising. Simple as that. With Potlukk, whether we're one of many ads you run, or the only one, you can be sure that you're reaching relevant audiences interested in your type of business and who like to shop locally. You can be sure the ads are beautiful and smartly sequenced. And you can be sure your ad budget is going farther alongside other businesses than if you go it alone.